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For our latest poll we looked at your plans for spending in retirement. We asked how much of your current salary do you think you’ll be living on in retirement. Nearly half of you estimated you’ll need 60-70% of what you earn now.

In this edition, we explore some things to keep in mind when you’re planning for your income needs in retirement. And with cost of living increases hitting a 20-year peak, we take a closer look at what inflation means for your retirement spending and income. Plus, we talk to our Aware Super team about their tips for looking after your health and wellbeing – as well as your finances – before and after retirement.

Enjoy the edition.

Is your mindset about spending in retirement holding you back?

With research suggesting many Australians are saving more during retirement than they need to, we explore how planning for your retirement income can bring you peace of mind about your spending – now and in the future.

How much income do SASS members aim for in retirement?

There’s a lot to consider when working out how much income you’ll really need in retirement. We share some insights to help you run the numbers including where your income can come from and how to make the most of your SASS benefits for income in retirement.

All the retirement support and guidance available from Aware Super

When you retire you have the option to move your SASS deferred benefit to a retirement income account with Aware Super. Find out more about the support and guidance you can expect from our retirement experts.

What does rising inflation mean for you and your retirement?

If you’re making changes in your spending to manage the rising cost of living you’re not alone. Find out more about what inflation means for your retirement income and get tips to help you manage finances when inflation is high.

Being proactive is good for your health and wealth

To keep your body, mind and finances in good shape, putting effort into looking after things now can do a lot to prevent problems in the future. Four members of the Aware Super team share their best tips for staying on top of your health and wealth.

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What role will property play in your retirement plans?

(a) Generate income e.g. sublet
(b) Downsize to release equity
(c) Investment property
(d) An asset class I can invest my retirement savings in
(e) None of the above

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