Top 4 books to spark financial inspiration

Boost your financial know-how with these practical reads

You’ve landed your post-school gig, and now you need something to do with your hard-earned cash.

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Here are four books that will both inspire and empower you with practical tips on how to improve your financial skills.

  1. Rich Dad, Poor Dad

    Rich Dad, Poor Dad will teach you everything your parents probably should have told you about finances and saving, but didn’t. Think of it as a wise, well-to-do father schooling you on how he made it big, with some lessons he’s learned along the way.

  2. The Richest Man in Babylon

    A business and finance staple, George S. Clason's 1926 classic The Richest Man in Babylon tells of inspirational stories and Babylonian principles that are still relevant to modern-day financial planning, all in a short, easy-to-read format.

  3. The Barefoot Investor

    One of Australia's biggest-selling financial interest books has gained a cult following for good reason. The Barefoot Investor cuts through all the finance mumbo jumbo and offers some of the simplest tips for mapping out your financial future that you will ever read, no matter your age.

  4. Mindful Money

    If you’ve ever thought it was impossible to be both a moral person of the world and grow wealth, you’re wrong. Author Jonathan K. DeYoe, a Buddhist and financial planner, will show you how to save money and feel good about it.