The ‘NO’ guide to saving

Get comfortable with the tiny word that can massively increase your savings potential

Dinner out with friends, that music festival everyone’s talking about, or a weekend trip to the coast – all nice things that cost a bit of coin...

But saying ‘no’ to the things you want, but probably don't need, can be easier said than done. By embracing the power of no, you can save a lot of cash. Here are some tips to help you say no and save.

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  1. Don't fake it

    There’s nothing wrong with opting out of an invite with an honest explanation. There’s also no need to be embarrassed about wanting to save money. Instead of coming up with weird, last-minute excuses, blame your spoil-sport finances. Your friends will get it.

  2. Come up with a better idea

    If a friend wants to do something that’s outside of your budget, don’t be afraid to suggest something more affordable. Remember, for good mates hanging out together is probably more important than any particular activity. Explore cash-free alternatives, or suggest kicking back and eating in. Strong people skills make for confidence in interviews and more easy-going interactions with co-workers and clients – a win-win for you and any potential employers.

  3. Keep your eyes on the prize

    It will be much easier to stay on track if you keep your goal top of mind. Write it on post-it notes and stick them round the house, or create a visual mood board full of images of the things you’re saving for and set it as your mobile wallpaper to stay motivated. If you’re clear with your priorities, you’ll have more confidence in turning to your new friend ‘no’.