Mitigate study stress with mindfulness

Practice mental yoga and eliminate exam stress with these apps.

If exam stress is getting the best of you, meditation is a quick, simple – and most importantly – cheap solution. Meditation helps you stay mentally focused and improves your capacity for learning. And best of all, you only need your brain, a chill space and your smartphone.

Read on to find out how the following apps offer an accessible intro to meditation, and see which one is right for you.

  1. 1 Great Mind

    Perfect for mindfulness newbies, 1 Giant Mind’s introduction course teaches you how to meditate in a series of twelve 15- minute steps – the perfect length for a study break.

  2. Headspace

    Headspace offers hundreds of guided themed meditation sessions on everything from improving focus to getting better sleep, and is even equipped with SOS exercises in case you’re in the midst of a total exam meltdown in the library (because we’ve all been there).

  3. The Mindfulness App

    Are you known to flip out during exam season? Work on keeping your stress in check with The Mindfulness App’s meditations dedicated to managing emotions.

  4. Calm

    You won’t be at your best in the exam room if you haven’t been in the bed. Get better rest with Calm’s unique Sleep Stories function, featuring relaxing bedtime tales that help you fall into a deep and natural sleep.

  5. Insight Timer

    Insight Timer’s community-driven playlists feature collections of meditations that can help refresh your mind during a study break or mentally prepare you for the big exam day.