Make budgeting a habit, not a chore

Turn budgeting into goal setting and you will find yourself wanting to achieve it

Once you have a system in place, budgeting can be a piece of cake.

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Sorting out our finances is not something many of us look forward to doing, but it is essential to do to be financially fit for the future.

Here’s our advice on getting into the budgeting habit and kicking budgeting goals: 

  1. Don’t overcomplicate it

    The task of creating complicated spreadsheets to track every cent sounds too hard to keep up to date and could easily fall by the wayside. If we choose to think of budgeting more as a habit, not a task, we will mentally respond to it in a much more positive way.

  2. Establish a simple budgeting habit

    Getting into the habit of budgeting can be as simple as knowing how much you plan to spend each week, and knowing how much you plan to save while still paying the bills on time.

  3. Think of budgeting as a goal

    When we put our mind to something that has a positive connotation, we inherently want to do it. Think of when you label something as a goal instead of a task - you will find yourself wanting to take the necessary steps to achieve it, rather than delaying or ignoring it.

If you think of budgeting as a habit that will allow you to buy more of the things you want, and go on the trips you want to take, it will be a much more positive experience, and you’ll find yourself making those smart spending decisions on an ongoing basis.