Is your bank working for you

Find out how to get the most bang from your branch

How did you choose your bank? It might be the one your parents use, or just the closest branch to your house.


But just because it works for mum and dad, doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. If you haven't looked at the details of your bank recently (or ever), now’s the time. Here are some tips to make sure the account you choose works best for you.

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  1. Get real about what you need

    Low income? Part-time employment? Irregular pay cheques? You’re not alone. If you’re worried about unexpected costs or staying on budget, heaps of banks offer student accounts with low or zero fees, and minimal penalties for overspending. If you’re able to make regular deposits, some accounts come with cash rewards or other perks. Be honest about your circumstances and find an account type that fits your needs.

  2. Match your bank to your lifestyle

    Can’t remember the last time you set foot in a physical branch? Look for a bank with a sweet app that offers services like ATM proximity based on your current location and customised alerts. Prefer to carry cash so you can stick to your budget? Opt for a bank that has an ATM or physical location near home or campus. Like leaving the house with just your phone? Try a bank that offers Apple Pay capabilities via your trusty iPhone.

  3. Shop around

    We know trying to figure out which is the best bank out of tons of options seems nearly impossible, but you may be paying hidden fees and missing out on better interest deals without knowing. Luckily lots of sites have already done the hard work for you, comparing student account fees and perks offered by some of the top banks.