Have a life on a budget

Maintain your social life without sabotaging your financial future.

Saving money can feel like a game of all or nothing, but enjoying time with friends and saving cash need not be mutually exclusive.

Future plans can pale in comparison to going to that gig or trendy coffee shop right now, but if you prioritise your social life every time, your savings will suffer. Here are some tips to help you maintain a healthy life/savings balance.

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  1. Expensive food and drinks are for schmucks

    You can still have your avocado toast and eat it too. Opt to eat at home instead of a restaurant to save cash, or host a ‘potluck’ dinner party and trick your friends into feeding you on the sly. If you do go out for dinner and drinks, suggest places listed on Good Food’s ‘cheap eats’ lists, or try happy hour specials on the Happiest Hour app to find the cheapest bevvies near you.

  2. Use your imagination

    Host your friends for a movie marathon, crafternoon, poker night, DIY spa day, backyard yoga sesh... or get outdoors and set up a chill hangout spot complete with an esky, blankets and speakers on a local beach or at a nearby park – both of which cost next to nothing.

  3. Broaden you horizons

    If you’re truly serious about saving cash, try thinking outside the box. Hit up an exhibition opening, networking event, or speaker series to score free snacks and drinks. Or get really creative and try Olio, a food-sharing app that connects you with neighbours and local shops with surplus food.