Your guide to an easy tax time

Make tax time less emotionally taxing

Death and tax – they may be the only two things guaranteed in life, but we can make the latter less annoying.

And as much as we’d all like, tax isn't going away any time soon, so it’s important to learn what it’s all about and how you can make taking care of it easier. Follow these tips for a stress-free tax time.

  1. Download the ATO app

    The Australian Taxation Office is here to help make preparing for tax time less painful with the ATO app. The myDeductions feature allows you to record tax-related deductions on-the-go, while a collection of tools and calculators can help you stay organised year-round.

  2. Keep your receipts

    Save and photograph every receipt for any deductible expense you incur. Snapping a quick pic of physical receipts with your phone makes saving them even easier. Make a lot of online purchases? Set up a folder in your inbox to save all your digital receipts in one place. And don’t forget your education-related expenses.

    Not sure whether or not it’s deductible? Save it anyway – your tax accountant can parse through your receipts when you lodge your return.

  3. Know where to go

    Finding a good, reliable tax agent can be a headache of its own. Thanks to the internet, choosing an accountant is easier than ever. Search online to find a chartered accountant, public accountant, or CPA in your area, learn what to look for in a tax professional here.