Get paid more now

Learn the right way to ask for a raise

As the old saying goes, ‘closed mouths don’t get fed’. Asking for a raise can be awkward and terrifying, but you’ll never get what you want without being brave and simply asking. Use these tips to give yourself the best chance at getting more coin.

Make sure the time is right

If you haven’t been at your job for a very long, you may want to wait a little while before asking for more money. Employers want to know that your work ethic and skills are worth the investment, and that can only be shown over time. Your yearly performance review is the perfect time to pop the cash question.

Likewise, it’s in poor taste to ask for a raise right after receiving a promotion. Always make sure
you negotiate your salary before accepting any position.

Know your worth

A salary negotiation is just like a business pitch, except you’re pitching yourself. Keep that email from your boss commending you on an important project and a copy of that presentation that you spent days preparing in a handy folder on your desktop. Don’t forget to bring a copy of its contents to the big talk with your boss.

Be realistic

Get down to the number nitty-gritty by doing a little research on pay ranges for your specific position. Search your position at The Ladders to find out what others with your job are making, and don’t be afraid to ask your HR rep for ranges within your company.

By taking these steps, you’ll walk into your negotiation armed with everything you need to state yourcase. Keep your head high, stay confident in your abilities, and good luck!