Create your ultimate bucket list

Great ideas for your bucket list

We give you the low down on what you should think about to create your ultimate bucket list.

Have you got a bucket list? Here are our top ideas to help create a solid bucket list.

  1. Dreamstorm

    The first thing you can do to create your bucket list is to dreamstorm. This is a combination of dreaming and brainstorming.

    First take out a piece of paper, use your phone notes or open a new document and set aside at least 15 minutes to put all of your ideas into writing.

    The sky’s the limit, so remove all barriers (money, time, distance etc) as the most important part of dreamstorming is allowing your mind to be as free as possible.

    Note EVERY single idea – the good, possibly bad and even a little cray cray!!

    Ready? Go!

  2. Get inspired

    Sometimes our brains can’t even imagine half of the fun things that we could do so turn to friends, or go online to gain some inspiration.

  3. Timeframe

    Next, it’s time to sort out your list by time. Work out what you could do in the short-term, long-term or right now. You could even categorise them into the following:

    • Summer bucket list 
    • 2017 bucket list
    • 20’s bucket list 
    • Food and drink bucket list

  4. Start checking off your list

    Turn your bucket list dream into reality. Here are some great apps to help with creating, exploring and managing your bucket list.

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