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How to get the latest deals

Student Club was set up by Aware Super to provide support, discounts, and rewards to all Australian students. Your free membership will give you access to deals and discounts online, information to help manage your super, and finances, as well as competitions.

Simply become a Student Club member to get access to all these deals.

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Access deals and discounts online

Thanks to our partnership with Student Edge, you can access online deals from the comfort at home with places like Uber Eats, The Iconic, Asos, McDonald's and Apple (to name a few), in just 2 easy steps.

  1. Visit Student Edge
  2. Complete registration to acess details 

Check out the full list of participating retailers.

What is Student Edge?

Student Edge was founded to help students stretch their allowances further in the face of rising costs of living, as well as to help students navigate their way through student life and better prepare them for adulthood.

In short, Student Edge exists to help students and that's why we've partnered with them.

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