What is Student Club?

Student Club is a free-to-join initiative set up by Aware Super with the aim to provide support, discounts, rewards and just special treatment to Australian students. If you’re studying in Australia, you can join the club – and did we mention it’s free?

I want access to awesome discounts, news and rewards

What deals can I get? 

As a member of Student Club you get access to loads of deals and discounts from big name places like McDonald’s, HOYTS, Chatime and STA Travel. All you have to do is flash your Student Club card.

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Why should I join?

Besides enjoying loads of discounts, by saving little bits here and there you’ll help your future self out. All those discounts can really add up over time – we call it ‘playing the long game’ and we’ve seen it benefit lots of our members.

Studying? You're in the club.

Whether you’re studying media or medicine, any Australian student is eligible to join Student Club – even if you’re part-time, full-time, online, on campus or a mature aged student. 

What happens when I graduate?

Firstly, nice work. Secondly, when that day comes you’ll become a graduate member. With this free membership, you’ll receive support and tips to help guide you into your professional career. 

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Who is Aware Super?

We are one of Australia’s largest industry funds providing superannuation, advice and retirement solutions to those who teach, nurse, care, respond and help others in our communities. We have over 800,000 members, with the majority from care-giving occupations like health and community workers, teachers, police officers, those in emergency services and public-sector workers who care for the community. 

Just a heads up – joining Student Club does not automatically make you a member of Aware Super. But the good news is that anyone can join our award-winning fund, even if you only work part-time.

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