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Good things to keep in mind

  1. Markets will always fluctuate

    Share prices move up and down in response to a range of factors, and this is a normal part of the market cycle. We often see members switch investment options to chase last year’s high returns, but past performance shouldn’t be taken as a future forecast.

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  2. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

    Having a mix of assets in your investment portfolio can protect your money from market volatility. This is what we call diversification, and it can help reduce the impact of low-performing assets.

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  3. Don’t buy into the ‘doom and gloom’ mentality

    When the gloom subsides, what looked like a time to exit the share market is often recognised as a great buying opportunity. Our investment managers make the most of these periods by seeking out good value shares.

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  4. Choose a mix you’re comfortable with

    If you’re uncomfortable watching your account balance go up and down, think about buying into a more conservative mix. But if you’re too conservative over a longer time frame, you may not achieve the higher returns that will give you the money you need in retirement. 

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