As one of Australia’s largest super funds, we're committed to delivering strong long-term returns for our members.

We also act as a 'force for good' by investing in projects and businesses that contribute to a better future for all. We act in the best interests of our members and seek to maximise long-term financial returns, while, considering the impact of our investments on society. We include below some of our community investments. These aim to be sustainable, generate jobs, contribute to a better society and support the communities where our members live, work and retire.

Lendlease Retirement Living

We currently own a 25% interest in the Lendlease Retirement Living platform, which owns, develops and manages retirement villages across Australia. We are invested alongside global property company Lendlease and APG, a Dutch pension fund. The portfolio consists of 75 established retirement villages, home to c.17,000 residents, and is in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, the ACT and Western Australia. 

Investment date: March 2021

Returns to members: Returns will mostly come from the income we receive from residents and development profits.

Where this investment fits in our portfolio: All Diversified options (Property)

NSW Fire and Rescue Academy

This world-class training facility in Sydney’s west. It is instrumental in training and supporting the next generation of emergency fire and rescue workers, and plays an essential role in providing a safe society in Sydney's western region.

Investment date: May 2016

Returns to members: Returns will come from the state government as a secure long-term tenant.

Where this investment fits in our portfolio: All Diversified options (Infrastructure & Real Assets)

NSW Ambulance & Toll Helicopters – Aeromedical Training and Services Facility

This is one of the most advanced aeromedical training facilities in the world. Located in Sydney’s Bankstown Airport, NSW Ambulance & Toll Helicopters will become a base for emergency medical services, search and rescue operations, passenger transfer and logistics support.

Investment date: June 2016

Returns to members: Returns will come from a secure government-backed long-term tenant.

Where this investment fits in our portfolio: All Diversified options (Infrastructure & Real Assets)

GO Australia Equity Fund

We've partnered with ROC Partners to develop the GO Australia Equity Fund, providing expansion capital to small businesses across Australia.

The fund focuses on companies with new growth initiatives and positive socio-economic benefits, like jobs creation, regional growth, and developing intellectual property to support future economic growth. Target industry sectors include food and agribusiness, tourism, smart cities infrastructure, and advanced manufacturing.

Where this investment fits in our portfolio: Private Equity asset allocation (part of the pre-mixed options).

Returns to members: Returns will come from supporting entrepreneurs and business owners to create scale, access new markets and invest in growth strategies across a range of sectors.

Examples of investments the Fund has made to date are:

1. Australia’s Oyster Coast (AOC)

AOC has more than 45 leading oyster farms on the NSW South Coast. Our investment in AOC will deliver returns to our members and provide capital to help expand an important regional industry.

Investment date: May 2018

2. Stone Axe Pastoral

Stone Axe Pastoral is an Australian Wagyu beef agribusiness with operations in the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales and Western Australia. Our investment in Stone Axe Pastoral is expected to create 76 full-time jobs over a five-year period and provides capital to develop the largest full-blood Wagyu cattle herd outside Japan.

Investment date: February 2018

3. Pearl Global

Pearl Global is an industrial technology company that takes end-of-life car and truck tires and cleanly converts them into tire-derived oil, carbon char and steel. The company is a leading 'circular economy' participant, able to recycle tyres into renewable fuel markets and to the roading construction sector.

Investment date: May 2019

Where these investments fit in our portfolio: All diversified options (Private Equity)

Victorian Business Growth Fund

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Together with the Victorian Government, we established the $250 million Victorian Business Growth Fund (VBGF). The fund will support investment in small to medium-sized Victorian businesses, creating crucial employment opportunities in the state.

VBGF is the largest of its kind in Australia and we are eager to use our scale and size to benefit businesses that would otherwise find it difficult to access affordable capital, limiting their ability to expand and grow.

The fund is expected to run for 10 years with plans to invest in up to 20 businesses. Aside from supporting Victorian businesses to grow and develop, creating crucial jobs in the state, the fund will importantly achieve good returns for our members. It also has a number of other social goals, including supporting disadvantaged workers and other community benefits. The first investment in the fund is Flavorite, one of Australia’s largest glasshouse producers of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Investment date: June 2020

Returns to members: Returns will come from supporting entrepreneurs and business owners to create scale, access new markets and invest in growth strategies across a range of sectors.

Where this investment fits in our portfolio: All Diversified options (Private Equity)

The investments included are accurate as at March 2022.

All investments carry risk. Aware Super does not guarantee the payment of income or performance of the investments referenced above.