We make super straightforward. Register with us to gain access to a suite of benefits and services for you and your employees.

We’re one of Australia’s largest super funds, so you can count on us for super that performs with strong, long-term returns^1, low fees^2, competitive insurance and local support that contributes to making a long-term difference.

You’re also in good company. We partner with a range of industries and sectors across Australia, especially education, health, childcare and public sector workers. Our aim is to support those who support other Australians.

We’re privileged to care for over $125 billion of 1.1 million members’ retirement savings across Australia. We use our size and scale to drive down costs to members and invest in projects that perform for members and their communities.

We’ll do our best to keep growing and work to ensure more Australians get access to award winning super^3, advice and support .

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Contributions made simple

Partnering with us gives you access to our industry-leading clearing house: an online portal that allows you to make contributions to any super fund. It’s easy to use, and 100% SuperStream ready (the system used to pay employee superannuation guarantee contributions standard format electronic form), enabling you to fulfil your super requirements and get on with business.

You also have the option of practical training and support for your payroll team to help you get you up and running, if you need it.

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Payroll support

Register as an employer with Aware Super and our employer relations team will immediately support your HR and payroll teams to get setup fast and efficiently.

System changes can be challenging, so our employer relations team will work closely with you and your team. You can count on us for ongoing support to resolve any issues you may experience in the course of day-to-day operations, including when making super payments for your employees.

Using our clearing house gateway gives us complete visibility of any transactions you may make from the clearing house gateway to the member’s account. So, we can see if something goes wrong and know exactly how and where to fix it.

We’re here for you. If you encounter any concerns with managing and aspects of super, simply pick up the phone. Our employer relations team are on hand from 8:30am to 5:30pm (AEST/AEDT), Monday to Friday).

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Learning and development 

Super can be complicated. People are often confused about how they can make the most of what they have, or don’t know that simple changes today can make a huge difference in the future. We’re committed to making super simple. We aim to empower your employees with the knowledge they need, no matter what career or life stage they may be at. This support is there for them right through to retirement.

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Member education

We run regular member education seminars around the country to help your people build their understanding and confidence on super and finance related topics.

Some may prefer our comprehensive webinar series - members can dial in from the comfort of their home or workplace. We can also arrange onsite education support for larger employers to complement any workplace wellbeing activities.

Onboarding assistance

We offer short, informative sessions about super as part of your induction process, at any time of the year to aid the onboarding of new employees.

We can help to be part of the process for employers making structural changes to their business and use our expertise to frame the conversation with your employees on their financial options.

We understand that older workers may have individual concerns and questions. We have a considerable level of expertise in engaging with older members and helping them build a greater understanding of transitioning to retirement and the options available to them.

Every workplace has unique needs. If your workplace has a particular topic you’d like covered, please don’t hesitate in getting in touch. Our specialists can present a wide range of financial topics to help empower your employees.

  1. Our Accumulation Growth option delivered an average annual return of 9.79% for the 10 year period ending 31 August 2021 (SuperRatings Fund Crediting Rate Survey for the SR50 Balanced (60-76) Index), compared to the SR50 Balanced (60-76) Index median (46 funds) of 8.99% for the same period. Returns are net of investment fees, tax and implicit asset-based administration fees. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

  2. The total annual fee (inclusive of admin and investment fees) for our Accumulation Growth option is 1.04% p.a the overall average is 1.35% p.a Chant West Super Fund Fee Survey, June 2021, based on a $50,000 balance in a Growth option.

  3. SuperRatings 2020 annual ratings: Platinum rating for Aware Super Employer Sponsored, Personal and Income Stream
    7, 10- and 15-Year Platinum Performance for Employer Sponsored, Personal and Income Stream (2009-20)