Whether facing a significant life event or just looking for a little advice, we have a range of resources to help colleagues make the right financial decisions, at the right time.

While everyone is busy managing daily responsibilities, it can be easily forgotten that colleagues, friends and family are also playing multiple roles, both in their personal lives and at work.
Let’s look at the modern workplace - given we can now employ up to 5 generations at once, colleagues will likely experience diverse life events, challenges and opportunities and managers and peers may not be aware of it.

The value of a supportive workplace

Research on positive psychology in the workplace shows that when people feel emotionally supported and engaged at work they typically are more committed, more productive and take less time off for health reasons.

Employers can create a supportive environment in many ways, like showing an appropriate level of interest in employees’ personal lives or, more formally, by providing access to a range of mental health and financial decision-making support resources, for colleagues to self-serve.

Regular communication of the available support resources is particularly useful where colleagues have little awareness of their options, or limited time or ability to easily find out where to access support, when they need it.

Financial support resources for you to share

We have built a range of financial support resources for people starting out, or for those considering financial decisions or significant life changes. These include easy to follow animated case studies, articles and tools covering many of life’s key events. After all, financial wellness is a key factor directly affecting both mental and physical health.

Share the life’s key events resources with colleagues, in your employee newsletter or add these to your own employee wellbeing resources on your intranet, using the following description:

Supporting you in life's key events

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Life's key events resources

No matter where you are, or where life takes you, get support every step of the way. Check out the animated case studies, tools and resources designed by First State Super to help you make the right decisions in times like: starting out, coupling up, planning a family, planning for retirement and more.

What to do in life's key events