From the 4th of September 2020 the Direct Debit facility offered by QuickSuper will end, with all employers needing to amend their payment method to electronic funds transfer (EFT).

QuickSuper, which is operated by Westpac, is Aware Super’s clearing house service and helps make paying superannuation contributions easy for employers. Due to changes being implemented by Westpac, there are a few things QuickSuper users need to do next time they log in.

Terms and conditions update

There has been a minor update to the terms and conditions for the QuickSuper system. Next time you log in to QuickSuper you will need to accept these changes to continue.

We encourage you to take action sooner rather than leave it until file submission to avoid delays when you come to lodge your file.

Direct Debit changes

Effective 4th September 2020, Direct Debit will no longer be available as a payment method for superannuation contributions within QuickSuper. All employers using Direct Debit as their superannuation contributions payment method in QuickSuper will need to transition to the EFT payment method.

How to switch to EFT on the portal

Please refer to the screenshot and step by step guide below.

  1. From the main QuickSuper menu, the user selects Administration, then Payment Method.
  2. This takes them to the Payment Method screen.
  3. The user will notice that the radio button reflects that they had previously chosen to pay by Direct Debit. The user needs to click on the radio button next to the EFT payment method
  4. Press Continue and then Confirm.

Frequently asked questions

Your financial institution’s online banking facility will have the option to make payments via EFT. You will need to enter the Aware Super banking details we provide to you on the QuickSuper portal.

On the QuickSuper Portal you will find:

  • BSB and Account Number to forward payment to
  • Reference ID to include with your payment
  • $AUD value amount to be paid

Any Direct Debit payments scheduled prior to the 4th of September will be processed. Direct Debit payments scheduled after the 4th September will not be processed.

These changes do not impact your employees, employee contributions and fund choices remain unchanged.

Due to recent Know-Your-Customer (KYC) legislation, Westpac has decided that it is no longer viable to offer the Direct Debit payment method for QuickSuper customers.