Why it’s important to provide a super fund with a new employee’s email address and phone number at the very beginning.

In the scramble of preparing for and settling into a job, new employees will have a string of other things on their mind besides ensuring their new super fund has their contact information.

But did you know that if we don’t receive a new employee’s email address when they first become a member of our fund, they might never hear from us?

An unfortunate omission

As part of SuperStream, employers and payroll providers should provide email addresses and mobile numbers as part of their ‘join’ process for new super fund members, but because these fields are not compulsory they can sometimes inadvertently be left blank.

New starters often provide email addresses and mobile numbers to their employer at commencement of employment, however contact details aren’t always added to the payroll system or included in files sent to our clearing house. This can create a source of frustration for new members as they assume all their details have been passed onto our fund.

For over 22,000 of the 43,000 employer sponsored members who joined First State Super in the last year, both the email address and phone number fields are empty^1

That means over 50% of our new members can’t easily access their account online and are not receiving important information in a timely manner.

Why is an email address important?

Having a valid email address enables fund members immediate access to their super account online and, importantly, allows us to share information about their benefits, beneficiaries, insurance arrangements, offers, important dates and how to improve their retirement outcomes – in short, it lets us look after them a whole lot better.

Supplying a personal email address rather than a work email address means they’ll always be able to access their account when not at work, or if they change jobs.

Including the email address and mobile number in the very first contribution file is the best way to ensure your new starter can access all the benefits of their new super fund, from the outset.

Please remember, help your new employees on the path to success by providing us with their email address.

Additional tip

Members can also provide their contact details to us directly. Include the First State Super contact details below in your employee induction packs as a reminder for them to get in touch.

How to contact First State Super


Phone: 1300 650 873

Email: enquiries@firststatesuper.com.au 

  1. Source: First State Super business intelligence data at 31 August 2017