There are now several Aware Super product USIs available in the Clearing House, it’s important to know the difference and select the correct USI for each member.

As part of our integration with StatePlus on 1 July 2019 we completed a Successor Fund Transfer of the ‘StatePlus Retirement Fund’ to the ‘Aware Superannuation Scheme’.

Now, additional products are listed under Aware Super in the clearing house. These are legacy StatePlus products which were renamed and allocated new USIs (Unique Superannuation Identifiers), or Fund IDs, as part of the transfer and should be selected for legacy StatePlus members. The USIs for Aware Super products have not been changed.

“In a few cases we’re seeing employer payroll departments putting in the wrong product USI because some people don’t know which USI to use and they are having a guess.” said a spokesperson from the Employer Relations team.

The below information can help you to identify the applicable product USI, but if you’re not sure just call the Employer Relations team on 1300 118 632, and they’ll be happy to clarify.

Aware Super members (accumulation)

To make Superannuation Guarantee (SG) payments to employee superannuation accounts via your clearing house please select Aware Super – Accumulation (USI 53 226 460 365 001). You may have this product set up as your ‘default’ fund in the Aware Super clearing house.

State Plus members

Legacy StatePlus products were renamed “AwareSuper” products and re-issued with new USIs from 1 July 2019, however the products retain their original characteristics and should continue to be selected for existing StatePlus customers, until further notice.

  • For legacy members of StatePlus – Tailored Super Plan please select Aware Super – Tailored Super Plan (USI 53 226 464 365 005).
  • For legacy members of StatePlus – Personal Retirement Plan please select Aware Super – Personal Retirement Plan (USI 53 226 460 365 008).

Fund name USI or Fund ID
Aware Superannuation – Accumulation 53 226 460 365 001
Aware Superannuation – Defined Benefits
53 226 460 365 003
Aware Superannuation – Tailored Super Plan (formerly StatePlus) 53 226 460 365 005
Aware Superannuation – Personal Retirement Plan
(formerly StatePlus)
53 226 460 365 008

Why is it important to select the correct USI?

If contributions are made incorrectly we cannot transfer between products. Employers will need to request a contributions refund and resubmit the contribution using the correct USI/product.

Selecting an incorrect USI could also mean a new account is opened in error for your employee, resulting in an unwanted account which will need to be closed.

If you think you may have made an error or want further clarity on which USI to use call the Employer Relations team on 1300 118 632.