Performance with purpose

As a top performing* industry fund, we're focused on maximizing the retirement savings of over 1.1 million Australians. Our aim is to make you feel proud of how your money is invested. That's why we're Money magazine's Best Super Fund for 2021.

We deliver top performance* by investing in ways that will improve our communities, economy and environment while divesting from the things that won’t – such as tobacco and thermal coal.

Acting on climate change without sacrificing member returns

We have invested in one of Australia’s largest windfarms - Snowtown 2 in South Australia. As well as helping generate strong long-term investment returns for fund members, the wind farm avoids around 150,000 tonnes of CO2-equivalent emissions each quarter. This equates to powering about 180,000 homes.

Investing in health, education and community

Our investment in the NSW Fire and Rescue training facility in Sydney’s west plays an important role not only in training firefighters but also in boosting the economy of Sydney’s western region.

We have also invested in regional health services through Bendigo Hospital and Sunshine Coast University Hospital. These facilities employ over 7500 health professionals and provide treatment to approximately 160,000 patients per year.

Investing in infrastructure helps diversify our investment portfolio

Aware Super acquired 50% of Vocus Group in partnership with Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA).

A smart investment because we believe the telecommunications sector has significant growth potential, and is aligned to our purpose of delivering strong, sustainable long-term returns to our members while supporting the community in which they live, work and retire.

Building your super balance and affordable housing

We’re continuing to build affordable homes so essential workers can have safe, secure affordable rental housing close to their workplace and other key amenities like healthcare, transport and shops. As the largest build to rent developer in Australia, we have committed to more than 800 essential worker housing units to be rented at 80% of the location’s market rate to teachers, nurses, emergency services or social workers. Returns will come from the rent received from tenants, combined with the potential capital growth on the value of apartments.

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Acting on climate change

Divestment from thermal coal mining is one of the key actions we're committed to as part of our Climate Change Portfolio Transition Plan.

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Being a responsible owner

We have a duty to protect and grow the value of our members money in a sustainable way. A critical part of this is a responsibility to monitor and engage with companies in which we invest, directly and through the fund managers we appoint.

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   A fund that is committed to responsible investing is looking to the future. For me, it plays a huge role with the environmental impact and knowing that we're going to be looked after. Responsibility comes into it and accountability. And that's why I'm comfortable with the work that Aware does. I've got a young family and a Mrs. I hope that I have money set aside for my retirement. And obviously being aware of that now, we have started to throw a lot more into super contributions every week. To have a super fund that reflects my core beliefs and values, I think that's really important in life.  

Rob, Aware Super member

Aware Super — an industry fund for all

Delivering low fees

We keep our fees low. In fact, our fees are lower than the average of some retail super funds.

We're a top performing fund*

We continue to deliver strong long-term returns so you can retire with more.

We're an award winning fund^

Aware Super regularly receives top ratings and awards from our industry leading rating agencies.

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* Returns for the Aware Super MySuper Lifecycle High Growth option (our default investment option for members aged 55 and under from 5 September 2021) are ranked number 1, for the 3 (224 options), 5 (215 options) and 10 (118 options) year periods ending 30 June 2021, SuperRatings Fund Crediting Rate Survey (Default Options Index approx. 200 options). Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance and should not be the sole factor when considering if Aware Super is right for you. Information on fees is sourced from the Chant West Super Fund Fee Survey for 30 June 2021 using data from the High Growth [81-100%] investment option index. The above fee comparison is for the High Growth option only, fees and comparisons may differ for other investment options. Percentages include combined administration, investment fees and costs. The Aware Super MySuper – Lifecycle High Growth option (our default investment option for members aged 55 and under from 5 September 2021) is 1.07% p.a compared to the overall average which is 1.41% p.a and the Retail Fund average which is 1.59% p.a. A total of 90 funds (Overall average) are compared in the $50,000 account balance range within the Chant West High Growth index. Member numbers as of August 2021. ^ We have won Super Review's Super Fund of the Year awards for Best Public Sector Fund, 2014, 2016, 2019 and 2020.