We will notify the Australian Taxation office (ATO) on your behalf that your account is active and you would like to stay with us.

Your notification lasts for 16 months. If your account remains inactive we’ll contact you before 16 months is up and give you the opportunity to renew your ATO declaration.

If your account is active you automatically stay with us

Activating your account regularly will stop it being transferred to the ATO in the future. There are four simple ways to ensure your account remains active.

1. Consolidate your super

Combine your super into one account and save

2. Make sure your employer is paying your super contributions into this account

Fill in a choice form and give to your employer.

3. Make your own contributions

You can add to your super in a number of different ways.

Learn about contribution options 

4. Opt in to keep your insurance (if you have insurance)

Opt in online 

Fill in the Insurance opt-in election form and send it to us.

By opting in, you’re choosing to keep all your insurance. If you only want to keep some of your insurance, you should opt in and then call us to cancel any cover you no longer need.