It pays to play the long game

When you do the little things over time, great things can happen

When it comes to superannuation, we see slow and steady win the race time after time. Get a head start by making consistent contributions into a fund like Aware Super as early as you can, and over the course of your career you’ll give your money a better chance to grow into something surprisingly big.

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Why the right super fund matters

Your super could be one of your biggest assets by the time you retire. That’s why it’s so important to get it right. So, what does the right super fund do?

  • Puts you first and not shareholders
  • Charges low fees
  • Demonstrates consistent investment performance
  • Uses profits to improve member services and benefits
  • Offers options and choices to grow your super
  • Gives you easy access to the right support over the phone or face to face.

Why Aware Super?

  • Our members come first - We are one of Australia’s largest industry funds providing superannuation, advice and retirement solutions to those who teach, nurse, care, respond and help others in our communities.
  • Less on fees, more for you - We keep our fees as low as possible and continually rank in the top ten best value funds open to everyone^1.
  • Returns to boost your balance - Our Growth and Balanced Growth investment options have performed strongly over the past 10 years^2.
  • Leading the way in ethical investing - We believe in making a positive impact on the economy, environment and community and that’s why we’re one of the first funds to offer two dedicated socially responsible investment (SRI) options. 
  • We’re proudly local – We have 130 local Superannuation Advisers in our Australia-based call centre ready to assist you. 

Does the long game really pay off?

It certainly does thanks to the power of compound interest and the magic of time. Compound interest is the interest paid on the initial amount invested, and on the interest you have already earned.  Interest on the interest!   

Superannuation also uses compound interest to grow your balance and adding small, yet regular amounts, to your super in your 20s or 30s can make a big difference.

Want to join the 767,000^3 members who have their super with us?

How to join us

  1. Go to and fill in your details.
  2. Have your tax file number (TFN) handy (while it’s not compulsory to give us your TFN, providing it can stop you paying additional tax and make it easier to trace your super).
  3. Verify your contact details.
  4. Create a new password.
  5. You’ll then be directed to your new online account.
  6. Give your employer your Choice of Fund form (simply go to the employer contributions tab, print out your pre-filled form and hand it to your employer). 

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  1. Based on SuperRatings 10 Year Platinum Performance Award for 2008-2018 and 2018 SelectingSuper AAA Quality Assessment.

  2. Based on SR50 Balanced (60-76) Index and SR25 Conservative Balanced (41-59) Index median over the past 1, 3, 5 and 10 years, up to 30 June 2018. Our investment returns are calculated after allowing for tax on investment income and investment management expenses, but before the deduction of administration fees. Past performance is not a reliable indicator nor is it a guarantee of future performance. Investment returns can be positive or negative depending on how the market is performing.

  3. As of 04 December 2018