The quickest way to get the latest information about your superannuation is to login to your online account. You can see your current balance, how much it has grown, your transaction history, where your money is invested and who you have nominated as a beneficiary.

If you haven’t registered for online access to your superannuation account, just click the Login button and select ‘Register now’ at the bottom of the page. You’ll be asked to enter a few details and a one-time PIN which will be sent to your mobile or email address.

Your account at a glance

When you first log in, your personal dashboard will appear. This shows your current balance and the contributions you’ve made over the last twelve months, or if you are an income stream member, your payments over the last twelve months.

Your dashboard also shows you which investment option you’re in and the asset class breakdown if you’re only invested in a single investment option.

Click on view full history to see a history of your account balance every six months.

Details about any other accounts you have with us will be on a separate tab.

Set up online access

Register now

Dive deeper into your investments

The investment allocation page shows you details of your current investment mix and how many units you hold in each investment option. You can also see how much you have invested in each asset class.

If you’d like to change your investment option, go to the investment switch page. You can switch the option for your current balance, your future contributions or both.

If you’re after information about investment returns, visit the investment returns section of our website. You can easily chart how one or all of our investment options have performed over different time periods.

Review your transactions

The transaction history page lists your transactions in date order, just like your bank statement. You can also download your transactions into a PDF to print and review.

Downloading a transaction list is also the best way to check the details of any switches you have made.

How to print a list of your transactions