We want to build a better future for all Australians and are committed to helping women achieve their financial goals today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

We care deeply about the financial health of all our members, especially women, who earn less and have lower superannuation balances on average.

We'd like to take the opportunity to talk about these issues and to help tackle the challenges facing women at all stages of their financial life.

The good news is a few small steps now can make a big difference down the track. That’s why we’re providing tools, information and encouragement to women who are keen to make changes that will improve their financial situation.

A look at the superannuation gender gap

How can you bridge the superannuation pay gap

We want women to feel empowered to take action that creates change. But how do we go from good intentions to action? We’ve brainstormed some ideas to help you get started and get a positive message out there.

5 actionable tips

  1. Start a conversation about money

    Start a conversation with your friends, family or colleagues. You can learn from each other and understand you’re not alone. Share resources, tips and ideas that have helped you with your friends and family. Ask them to do the same for you.

  2. Spend 15 minutes a week focused on money matters

    Put it in your calendar so it becomes a habit.

  3. Share the love

    Read one article about money and action one piece of advice per week, then share it with your friends.

  4. Write it down

    Take stock of your finances, from your everyday bank accounts to your super balance, and write it down. Check in periodically to see if you’re going forwards and if there are gaps to address.

  5. Ask for help

    Whether it’s a trusted family member, friend, adviser or your super fund - ask for help to get a handle on the things you aren’t sure about.

Resources to help

Access tools and information to help you make the most of your money. Or if you prefer to speak to someone, we're here to help.