The government provides up to two weeks’ pay to dads or partners caring for a newborn or recently adopted child.

Dad and Partner Pay eligibility

To be eligible for Dad and Partner Pay, applicants must:

  • provide care for a newborn or recently adopted child
  • meet a work and income test
  • be on unpaid leave or not working while getting the payment.

How much is the Dad and Partner Pay?

The Dad and Partner Pay is currently $672.60 a week before tax, for a maximum period of two weeks. You can take the entitlement after your child is born or adopted, or at a later date. It is paid in one instalment into your bank account.

Work test requirements

The work test pay is the same as the parental leave pay, and you must meet the following requirements:

  • have worked for 10 of the 13 months before the birth or adoption of your child, and
  • worked about one day per week in a 10 month period which is approximately 330 hours, with no more than an eight week gap between two consecutive working days. 

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