International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate the wonderful contributions of women to the community.

The theme for this year is Balance for Better, which calls on all of us to embrace diversity in all its forms, and to work together to create a world where everyone everywhere has equal rights and opportunities.

We care deeply about the financial health of all our members, especially women, who not only earn less, but have, on average, lower super balances.

The national gender pay gap currently sits at 14.6%^1, which is the lowest it has been in twenty years. Although it is now widely talked about and slowly declining, the super gap is less well-known but even bigger – 37%^2 at retirement.

In dollar terms, a woman approaching retirement has on average $196,000, compared to a man with $310,000.

International Women’s Day is an ideal opportunity to talk about these issues and to help tackle the challenges facing women at all stages of their financial life.

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Supporting gender equality and celebrating women in our community

With two-thirds of our membership being women, the majority working in service-based roles such as health and education, we have a range of initiatives to address inequality and support women and their families.

  1. We’re committed to helping women achieve their financial goals. We do this by providing support, information and financial advice for our female members at all stages of their lives.
  2. As an Employer of Choice for gender equality, we offer flexible work arrangements and maternity leave provisions for staff.
  3. We are a major sponsor of the NSW Women of the Year Awards, recognising and celebrating the outstanding achievements of women in NSW.

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About NSW Women of the Year Awards

As part of our commitment to women, we are pleased to be a major sponsor of the NSW Women of the Year Awards. This initiative recognises and celebrates the outstanding contribution made by women across NSW to industry, community and society.

The awards reflect the many ways women make a positive difference, and are truly inspiring.

The First State Lifetime Achievement Award recognises the dedication and life-long commitment a local NSW woman has made to her community.

The winners will be announced on 7 March 2019.

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