Now in her thirties, zookeeper Nicola is planning for a house and family. She shares how she and her husband are building their nest egg.

Animal lover Nicola has worked as a zookeeper for almost six years. “I love that I wake up every morning wanting to go to work,” she says. “I get to be outdoors, I get to be active and I get to live my life around animals, which are my passion.”

Nicola is also passionate about education. “Probably the biggest thing we can do is educate young people – about animals, recyclables and single-use plastics, and ways they can contribute to the environment,” she says.

The fact that she’s not as knowledgeable about money is an irony not lost on her. “Educating yourself about your finances is vital and not something a lot of young people think about. I always thought I’d think about it later, when I’m older,” she admits.

An area she does have under control is her super. When Nicola joined First State Super five and a half years ago, she combined her previous super funds into her account, ensuring she didn’t miss out on any savings. “I know my nest egg is growing for the future,” she says. 

Nicola, who married last year and has three dogs, has started paying more attention to money and teaching herself to budget – especially now that their shared dream of a house and family is on the cards.

She and her husband have a savings account and try to put away a couple of hundred dollars each week for a deposit. “We’re reducing our spend on groceries and cutting back on things we don’t need. No more online shopping!”