We're dedicated to helping you feel future ready, which is why we run hundreds of educational seminars across Australia.

Each seminar covers a range of important topics, including investment strategies, budgeting, debt management, Centrelink eligibility and much more.  

Our specialist presenters will guide you through these topics to help you understand your options and make informed decisions about your future.

They will also run a question and answer session to cover what’s important to you.

Find the right fit for you

Our seminars are designed to support you at any stage of life, so we have a variety for you to choose from:

  1. Time of your life

    If you're interested in hearing how to enjoy and make the most of retirement, come along to this seminar.

    We discuss a range of topics including investment management, what the latest Centrelink changes mean, income stream accounts, lifestyle strategies and much more.

  2. Aged care

    Understanding aged care costs in a general way is one thing but understanding how they relate to your personal situation is where things can become confusing.

    Our aged care specialists have designed a seminar to guide you through this process and will discuss a range of topics including government assistance and the Age Pension, what to do with the family home, care assessments and much more.

  3. Investments

    Our investment seminar is a great way to gather information and gain insights into the world of investment options.

    We discuss a range of matters including the difference between investment strategies, investment types and classes, how First State Super has performed and much more.

  4. Defined benefits

    Are you part of our Defined Benefit scheme? Our seminar will cover the key aspects of the Defined Benefit scheme, including membership types, entitlements for each division, taxation and much more.

  5. Retirement Planning

    Have you ever considered your budget or how Centrelink can help you? If you need help answering these questions, come along to this seminar.

    We will be discussing a range of topics including how to plan for your retirement, contribution strategies, income stream accounts, Centrelink issues, budgeting and tax strategies and much more.

  6. Transition to retirement

    Do you want to know more about the transition to retirement income stream? Have you thought about tax issues, contribution strategies or contribution limits? If you need help answering these questions, come along to this seminar.

    We will be discussing a range of topics including the key features of a transition to retirement strategy, contribution strategies, contribution limits, tax strategies and much more. 

  7. Be super ready

    In this seminar, our specialists will guide you through some of the super basics to equip you with the information you need to feel future ready.

    We’ll cover how you can save on fees, balance debt whilst contributing to super, reduce your tax bill and help you find the best investment options available for your risk profile.

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