How much do you know about your finances?

Take our quiz to find out

How much do you really know about your super, life insurance, spending habits and other parts of your personal finances?

Spend three minutes taking our quiz to find out how familiar you are with your money and if there are any areas which need attention.

For each question select yes, no or not applicable (NA) and your results will be displayed at the end of the quiz.

FSS Form Styleguide

1 Your super

Question 1. Do you know where ALL your super is and how much you have?
Question 2. Do you know how much you'll have when you retire?
Question 3. Do you know roughly how much retirement income you'll have?
Question 4. Do you know if you need to make extra contributions to achieve enough retirement income?

2 Life insurance

Question 5. Do you know how much insurance you'd receive if you couldn't work?
Question 6. Do you know how much insurance you would receive if you became permanently disabled?
Question 7. Do you know how much insurance your family would receive if you became terminally ill or died?

3 Home loan

Question 8. Do you know what your remaining home loan is?
Question 9. In the last 12 months, have you checked if your home loan is the best available?
Question 10. Do you know how much you could save if you made extra payments?
Question 11. Do you know when you’ll be mortgage free?

4 Budgeting

Question 12. Do you know how much you spend each quarter on utilities, groceries and other essentials?
Question 13. Do you pay off your credit cards each month?
Question 14. Have you structured your debts to reduce the amount of interest you pay?
Question 15. Do you spend less than you earn?

5 Other investments

Question 16. Do you know where all your investments are and how much they're worth?
Question 17. Do you know which of your investments are tax-effective?

6 Other

Question 18. Do you have a will, an estate plan and have you chosen an executor?
Question 19. Do you have a power of attorney if something happens to you?
Question 20. Do you have a medical power of attorney?

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