What is the ASFA Retirement Standard?

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Defined Benefit Scheme - Pre-1988 account

475.5KB PDF

Defined Benefit Scheme - Deferred (left before 1988) account

443.5KB PDF

Defined Benefit Scheme - Deferred (left after 1988) account

396.8KB PDF

Defined Benefit Scheme - Deferred (vested) account

416.6KB PDF

Defined Benefit Scheme - Deferred (pension only) account

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Contribution limits - For defined benefit members

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Insurance in superannuation

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Product upgrade

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Super taxes, caps, payments, thresholds and rebates

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Super and family law

391.5KB PDF

How to nominate beneficiaries

601.8KB PDF

Take us to a new job

755.7KB PDF

How to plan for redundancy

416.4KB PDF

Moving your TRIS to a RIS

393.1KB PDF

How to add to your super

460.4KB PDF

The Age Pension and Social Security payments

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Employer Sponsored Super Insurance quick guide

249.2KB PDF

Personal Super Insurance quick guide

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Planning your personal insurance

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Make the most of your Defined Benefit Scheme

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Defined Benefit Access

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