Super-Rewards is a great way for you to grow your super through your everyday spending so that you can have more when you retire - and it's free to join.

We’ve teamed up with Super-Rewards to make contributing to your super a whole lot easier (and fun!). And we know that putting a little extra in your super on a regular basis could mean more for you in retirement.

Super-Rewards is an online shopping site where each time you shop, your purchase earns you cash rewards into your Super-Rewards account. Super-Rewards then transfers the cash rewards that you’ve earned into your Aware Super account1. It’s just a great way to increase your super balance through your everyday spending.

With over 500 participating retailers and great brand names such as Apple, Big W, eBay, Nike and The Good Guys, there will be no shortage of shopping options.

Setting up a Super-Rewards account is free, quick and easy!

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Super-Rewards support

For any questions and technical support about Super-Rewards, please contact the team at Super-Rewards directly via live chat, email them at, or phone them on (02) 8226 8518.

What you need to know

Full terms and conditions for Super-Rewards can be found at

Everyone’s situation is different, and we haven’t considered your financial situation. So, before making a decision about your super, you should read Super-Rewards Financial Service’s Guide and consider your own personal circumstances to decide if this is the right thing for you.

Super Rewards is regulated by the Australian Securities Investment Commission (ASIC). Please refer to the Super-Rewards Financial Service’s Guide before joining Super-Rewards.

Once you sign-up, your details will be managed by Super-Rewards, and any marketing communications you receive will be sent by Super-Rewards.

1 The cash rewards received via Super-Rewards may have tax implications, seek professional advice to consider if it suits your financial objectives. More information about other third-party contributions can be found here.